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Last modified 07 November 2018

Real Time Graph

The EISCAT Real Time Graph, is a Matlab/Octave(qt) based plotting package for the raw data on-site as well as from disk. The plotting is set up from an experiment specific definition file. For all Common and most Special Programmes there exist such a file. The RTG program searches in two locations for this file: In its directory (or private/) for a name rtg_expname.m and in the experiment directory for the name expname/rtg_def.m. If this file is not available, a default plot of the whole dump will appear, which can be separated into several blocks by mouse clicks. As proper documentation is lacking, the best way to write your own definition file is to copy one from a similar experiment and make careful modifications.

The latest versions of the RTG routines are available for download.


Ingemar Häggström.